Should I Not Be Concerned?

Should I not be concerned about that great city (Jonah 4:11z NIV)?

This question was originally addressed to Jonah. But God is asking you the same question today. You may ask why is God asking you this question. It is the same reason why God asked it to Jonah.

See, Jonah was concerned about a vine that grew up and gave him shade from the sun. But the next day, God provided a worm which destroyed the vine. The blazing sun made Jonah faint and he complained to God.

So God put this question to Jonah whether it was right for him to be concerned about something which he did not tend or make it grow.

So the question in modern terms is this: “What are you concerned about? The answer, if given honestly, would concern a lot of things that are of less importance in God’s eyes.

This Christian generation and many of its prophets are concerned about silly things–material things that have earthly value alone. God is asking whether they are concerned about people who are perishing? That is His topmost concern–The salvation of souls and their redemption from evil and destruction.

While people are dying everywhere around without knowledge of God, is it right for Christians to revel in their prosperity? Is it right to show no concern to the misery of others? Are we only to live as passers-by and not get involved in lending a helping hand to people?

If you are not concerned about God’s greatest concern, a time will surely come when God will not be concerned about your greatest concern. Therefore, start to look around you. People are dying all around without knowledge of the One true and living God and His Son Jesus Christ. Are you concerned?

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