He Relents from Sending Calamity

He relents from sending calamity (Joel 2:13z NIV).

Are you fearful of God’s judgment falling on you? If yes, then there is still hope. God can relent from sending calamity. The word “relent” means agreeing to something finally after initially refusing.

It also means a softening of attitude. So, there is a possibility that God would accept your prayers and stop sending calamity on your life.

The prophet Joel speaks of some things that you should do so that God would relent from sending calamity. First of all, he points out that you should rend your heart and not your garments. People of those times tore their garments as a sign of their sorrow and grief over sin.

But as years passed by, it just degraded into an outward observance. Their hearts remained hard and unchanged. But God sees the heart. And He is not impressed with outward show. So, let your heart be broken before God.

The second thing to do is return to the Lord. You might have gone far away from Him. But God is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and abounding in love. He relents from sending calamity.

The prophet shows us God’s merciful attitude to you through these words. And because He is such a God you should return to Him.

And when you return thus to God, there is a greater possibility opening up. The prophet says that nobody can be sure about it; but it is still possible that instead of judgment on you, God might leave behind a blessing for you.

So return to Him with a broken heart, acknowledging His goodness and mercy. It will open up the possibility of God giving you a blessing instead of bringing calamity on you.

Think about it. Instead of calamity you are receiving a blessing. Yes, He relents from sending calamity!

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