When I Act, Who Can Reverse It?

When I act, who can reverse it (Isaiah 43:13b NIV)?

We need to be sure about Who is on our side? Let us for a moment forget about our wins and losses. Let us set them all aside. Let us also forget those on our side and those against us.

Let us bring the equation to the simplest level. You are there. And then who else? Yes, with you is God. You plus God. That is right. Do you need anyone more to complete the equation.

The rest of the equation may or may not be. But are you sure about the “you plus God” part of it. Then, that is more than enough.

Why? For you have a God who acts. He acts on your behalf. The odds may be against you. The odds may be in your favor. It doesn’t matter in the final analysis. The fact that He acts is enough.

When, where, how etc. are questions you usually worry about. But for a moment keep those questions aside. Just consider the fact that He acts. So if He acts, then why not let Him act when He wants to. Only lay your hands aside from the time table. Let Him act when to Him the time is right.

If you are ready to accept this, then you can still move one step further: He hasn’t let you know when He is going to act. But He has given you the final result in advance. Are you surprised? He says that no one can reverse it when He acts. Isn’t that knowledge enough?

Now you can answer another question? Are you sure that God is acting on your behalf? If yes, then do not keep worrying yourself sick over the result of His acting. See, no one can reverse what God has done on your behalf.

Even after God acts, you will find other forces trying their luck to reverse His action. It is then that you start worrying. Do not fret over those who try to reverse what God has done for you. It is simply impossible.

If you will believe what God says, then you will see the glory of God as He completes what He started to do for you; for no one can reverse it when God acts!

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