Root Producing Bitter Poison

Make sure that there is no root among you that produces such bitter poison (Deuteronomy 29:18b NIV).

Times have changed. During the time of Moses it was obvious which were the other gods whom they would have chosen to worship. Today there are more dangerous gods.

Turning away from the Lord to worship them is still a root that produces bitter poison. But the trouble is nobody recognizes them as gods and they worship them without knowing that they are doing so.

The most dangerous gods of today are not exactly persons or idols. Even then, both persons and idols are worshiped as gods. But the philosophy of life that they represent are more dangerous.

They come in attractive and colorful packages with great sensuous appeal. They combine parts of different religions together and mix them up to suit the tastes of modern man.

This is very popular. It does not offend anybody. It promises great peace and prosperity. It makes people feel good and healthy through breathing exercises that they combine along with their philosophies.

Beware of such religious programs which have mass appeal. Many Christians are caught in the worship of such persons who promote such programs. If you carefully evaluate such programs you will find that they elevate the status of man to a god.

They dethrone the true and living God to enthrone man. They appeal to the basic selfish instincts of man. Was this not the first temptation that Adam and Eve faced? Were they not promised equal status with God by the devil? Think about it.

Finally, when someone turns away from the Lord to worship such New Age Religious cult gurus and philosophies, he becomes a root that produces bitter poison. This root can poison entire families and communities. So test yourself to see whether there is a root of bitter poison in your heart today!

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