Showers of Blessing In Season

I will send down showers in season; there will be showers of blessing (Ezekiel 34:26b NIV).

There is a season for showers. We think more about them when they are delayed. We are much concerned when it does not come in its scheduled time. Then we long for it. Every little cloud in the sky makes us wait in hope.

Some of these clouds pass by. We grow tired of watching and waiting as time passes by. We look keenly at the weather forecasts. We try to keep our hopes alive. All this is good and nice.

But who sends the showers? Isn’t it amazing that we think that the water cycle is what causes the rain to come down. That is true. But who made the water cycle to function that way? And who makes it rain in its season? Think about it. It doesn’t happen by chance. It is God who sends down showers in its season.

So when the dust of the dry and parched seasons of your life cloud your vision; think of God who forgets not to send the showers in its season. And with every individual God deals differently. Therefore the seasons differ with every individual.

Do not think that God has forgotten you when you see someone else having the showers and you are not blessed with it. God has a season for you. It may seem delayed but it will come.

For He will definitely send the showers in its season. That simply means at the appropriate time you will have a shower of blessing in your life.

The point is that God is interested in keeping His seasons. And His season for you is filled with blessing. As the showers come down from the skies, so shall the blessings shower on you from heaven.

God says, “I will.” He therefore will send showers of blessing. The season may just be round the corner. So wait in expectation. Can you see the clouds gather? Can you hear the showers fall? It is showers of blessing in its season!

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