Broke Off His Pursuit, Sela Hammahlekoth

Then Saul broke off his pursuit of David and went to meet the Philistines. That is why they call this place Sela Hammahlekoth (1 Samuel 23:28 NIV).

The right moment. That is when God acts. Even when every trouble that you are facing seems to close in on you, know that at the right time God will act.

If you focus on the approaching danger, you can easily forget the One who acts for you in ways you cannot imagine. He does that at the right time.

Sela Hammahlekoth stands for such a merciful act of God at the right time in the life of David. He was pursued by King Saul and his army. And they were just near them on the mountain. If God would not have intervened, it is quite probable that David might have lost his life that day. 

Just as they were about to reach them, a messenger came to Saul saying that the Philistines were raiding the land. This compelled Saul to give up his pursuit of David. And Sela Hammahlekoth means “rock of parting.”

If you trust God you can also enjoy such deliverances in your life. Your enemy will hear news of attack on him from another side. That will cause him to stop pursuing you and he will be kept busy with his other problems.

That will give you enough breathing space to make good your escape. This is what God did for David that day.

The lesson is that God is watchful. He watches over the paths that His children take. When they are in danger, He acts at the right time.

Definitely there are times when it seems that God does not act. We cannot fully understand the purposes of God in such instances. But let every Christian be assured that God will act at the right time.

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