Blessed Are Those You Choose and Bring Near

Blessed are those you choose and bring near to live in your courts! We are filled with the good things of your house, of your holy temple (Psalm 65:4 NIV).

There is a dwelling place of God. We have not seen it yet. But we have little sanctuaries built here on earth where we meet together to worship Him.

Many attend such kind of worship simply because their parents and forefathers had been worshipping in that particular Church for generations.

This verse here is not talking about such people. But it talks about those God has chosen to come near Him. In particular, it talks about those who have had their sins and transgressions forgiven by God.

It is such who are brought near by God to live in His courts. They are called blessed. And they are called to be near God!

Because of this nearness to God, the time we spend in His presence within His courts is indeed a blessing. Quite often we miss the blessings of our time in God’s temple because we do not think about the blessing associated with being called to be near God.

The Psalmist had realized this unique blessedness. In His presence we are under His watchful eye. We are known by Him.

We have a special relationship with Him. We know that we are forgiven and loved. And as we think of it more and more when we come to His temple, we come to realize more and more of its blessedness.

The Psalmist also notes the benefits that the house of God gives us. He does not enumerate them probably because they are too numerous to count. He only says about its effect. That is, “we are filled.” There is full satisfaction.

There is no place for emptiness. And we are not just filled with anything, but with “good things.” No other place on earth can fill us with good things in this fashion.

For the temple of God is holy. And the good things that we receive from there will build us up in holiness. Thus we are blessed!

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