The Tomb That Could Not Hold Him!

Religious leaders requested to make the tomb of Jesus secure. Roman Governor Pilate using his political power supplied guards to do so. They even put a seal on the stone (see Matthew 27:62–66).

The stone was rolled back by an angel. Not to let Jesus out of it. But to show the women who came to look at the tomb that it was already empty (Matthew 28:1, 6).

“He is not here” is what the angel told them. The tomb lost its power that day. The resurrection of Jesus Christ has changed the story of every tomb. For those who have trusted in him, the tomb is not the end. They too will leave it empty soon someday.

The tomb reminds us that Jesus literally tasted death for us (Hebrews 2:9b). He took its sting away (1 Cor. 15:55). Now death, though it brings grief, pain and sorrow is a gateway to his presence. The glory of his Risen Presence is beyond description.

But for now, he is ready to meet you at Galilee. In a way that you never dreamed of. He is coming to fill you with joy. Life’s circumstances might not change. But if the Risen Christ meets you at Galilee, that is, in your common everyday routines and difficulties, then know that God cares.

“Go quickly and tell his disciples” is what the angel told the women. Jesus again met them and reminded them, “Go and tell my brothers to go to Galilee; there they will see me.” Remember, Jesus is calling those who had failed him and deserted him, “brothers.”

His death did not make him forget them. How much more then this Risen Christ remembers you dear brother, dear sister. He came out of the tomb so gloriously to meet with failures like you! Just meet with him today!

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(based on Matthew 28:1–10).
On the third day, the tomb was found empty. Death could not hold Jesus and he resurrected. Whoever believes in him shall have eternal life.

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