Set No Vile Thing Before Your Eyes

I will walk in my house with blameless heart. I will set before my eyes no vile thing (Psalm 101:2b,3a NIV).

Home is the place where all religion is tested. It is the place where all our piety and all our confession of faith is tried. If a man fails to live up to his religion at his home, he has failed everywhere, even though he may be counted as an angel outside.

You may be a saint in the eyes of your local Church and even in the eyes of the world. But only if you live up to this reputation at home can you be truly counted a saint in God’s eyes.

Unfortunately, those that are called saints outside are terrors in their homes. They act as if they are so close to God when they are in the company of fellow-believers.

But once they are left alone in the company of their family, then their hearts seem to go all black and their mouths spit out venomous words.

King David made a decision to walk blamelessly not only outside his home, but inside as well. He also added that he will not keep any vile thing before his eyes.

More than ever before in the history of the world, we Christians have to watch out for what we have put up to see in our homes. Through magazines, television and the internet, many wicked thoughts and pictures are propagated widely these days. We may not be able to prevent the spread of these. But trusting in God we can certainly not store and keep such wicked literature and pictures in our homes.

Removing such vile things from before our eyes is pleasing in God’s eyes. This is the only way to walk with blameless heart in our home. This is also the key to keep walking with God.

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