Take some of the Blood and Put It On

Then they are to take some of the blood and put it on the sides and tops of the doorframes of the houses where they eat the lambs (Exodus 12:7 NIV).

Imagine that you were part of that group of Israelites during that time. Imagine as you watched the elders in the family, probably the father of the family, put the blood on the top and side of the doorframes.

If you saw that once, you would never forget its significance.

The lamb that was slain was no ordinary lamb. It was because it was the Passover lamb and it was symbolic of Jesus, “the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!” Paul also made it very clear that Jesus is our Passover Lamb (1 Corinthians 5:7b NIV).

First of all, the blood of the lamb denotes sacrifice. God made deliverance of the Israelites from Egypt possible through this sacrifice. Today, your deliverance from sin and bondage to it and worldly pursuits is possible only because the Lamb of God gave His life as a sacrifice for you.

Remember his sacrifice every day of your life.

Secondly, the Israelites had to take blood of the lamb in a basin, dip a bunch of hyssop into it, and then put some of the blood on the tops and sides of the doorframes (see Exodus 12:22). The blood of the lamb was a sign to God.

When God saw the blood, He would pass over that house without destroying anyone inside. Similarly when you come under the protection of Jesus’ blood, God passes over you and does not destroy you.

But then the simple yet most important question is: ``Are you under the protection of Jesus’ blood? Have you applied the blood of the Lamb on your soul?”

Thirdly, God wanted the Israelites to observe this Passover ceremony in the years to come (see Exodus 12:25–27) and communicate to their children its significance.

Today, if only parents would remember to tell their children about the blood of the Lamb; their souls would be saved. Then they also would apply the blood of Jesus to their lives and be under God’s protection.

Yes, the truth of the blood of the Lamb is the most important truth from the entire Bible that needs to be communicated with utmost priority to your children.

Some more thoughts:
The Passover lamb had to be a male without defect (Exodus 12:5) which signified the sinlessness of Jesus. Remember what Pilate said: “I find no basis for a charge against Him” (John 19:6z).

Again, it was commanded not to break any of the bones of the Passover lamb (Exodus 12:46). John wrote about its fulfillment in Jesus (John 19:36). And Jesus died during the occasion of the Passover feast; just about the time when the Passover lambs would be slaughtered.

Thus it is abundantly clear that the Passover lamb was symbolic of Jesus.

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