The King’s Friend

Hushai the Arkite was the king’s friend (1 Chronicles 27:33b NIV).

It would surprise you to note this. In this section in this book it is the names of people who were the officials of David that has been recorded. All of them were included because of their position.

But this one man’s name was recorded because of his relationship with the king!

God has people in positions of leadership and duty in His church too. Their names are all remembered by God. But there number is few compared to the multitudes who are not in leadership.

You may be one among the multitudes. The question is, are you remembered by God? Definitely yes; especially so if you are His friend!

Yes, God places much value on His friends. Abraham was God’s friend (Isaiah 41:8). And God talked to Moses face to face, as a man speaks with his friend (Exodus 33:11).

You too can be God’s friend. It may not be possible to be God’s friend exactly the same way Abraham or Moses were God’s friends. But still you can be His friend. And that means you are the King’s friend!

Think about it. Has not God called you to have a relationship with Him? Would you value a friendship with the world or friendship with God (Read James 4:4)?

If you value your friendship with God, you’ll be remembered by Him even if you do not enjoy any position in the world or in the church.

If you read 2 Samuel 16:17 you’ll know that Hushai was known to others as the king’s friend! Is this how you are known to others?

Do people say when they meet you that you are the friend of God the King? Think about it. What a privilege it is to be known as the King’s friend!


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