To Open Doors Before Him

This is what the Lord says to his anointed, … whose right hand I take hold of … to open doors before him so that gates will not be shut: I will go before you … (Isaiah 45:1,2a NIV).

This is part of a famous prophecy about King Cyrus whom God used to rebuild the temple of Jerusalem. Though it refers particularly to him, its message is applicable to you today.

The promise for you today is that God is taking hold of your right hand since you are His anointed servant. The purpose is to open doors before you. When God does that, gates will remain open before you and will not be shut.

This is something the world knows nothing about. It is a special privilege that God grants His servants who are called to fulfill His choicest purposes in their generation. God does not leave them alone to do the task.

Instead He empowers them to be in a position where they can exert the greatest good for God’s glory. This is the impact of God taking hold of your right hand.

Then God opens doors. What had remained closed for a long period of time shall be opened; what people said was impossible will be accomplished, and the most improbable opportunities will come to pass. Why?

Because it is God’s business. He is specialized in opening doors. And when He does so for you, your worst enemies cannot shut what He has opened.

The story isn’t over yet. God Himself will go before you. He will demolish any opposition that may come across your path inside the opened door.

He will bring down any power that exalts itself in your path. He will level the ground for your successful journey. This is your God; the God who opens doors for you!

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