What More Could Have Been Done for My Vineyard?

What more could have been done for my vineyard than I have done for it? When I looked for good grapes, why did it only bad? (Isaiah 5:4 NIV).

Listen to this complaint. The issue is “what more” had to be done. That implies that much had already been done. The vineyard is none else but you. The person making the complaint is none other than God. Therefore listen to it.

Think of all the good He did for you. Think of all the opportunities He gave you to know more about Him. Did you utilize them properly? Or did you neglect them?

The complaint is serious not only because of what He did for you, but also because of the relationship that He has with the vineyard. He says, “my vineyard.” There is ownership here. The vineyard is His. If it were somebody else’s vineyard, God would not have bothered.

But it is you–you whom He took much care of. He also arranged every circumstance in such a way that you could bear fruit. But no good fruit came. Instead what was produced was bad. Therefore the complaint is serious indeed.

Remember that there comes a point when the limit is crossed. And that time in your life might be just round the corner. Take stock of your life now. You can never say that God was impatient with you. But it was you who played a delay game with God. You put off seeking Him earnestly each time God tried to get your attention.

Every time some crisis came you sought God. And when you found that there was relief, you put God aside and forgot all about Him. Yet God was patient. But know that there comes a time when the limit is crossed. And when God acts who can stand? Therefore earnestly try to produce good fruit now before the limit is crossed!

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