A Banner Unfurled Against the Bow

But for those who fear you, you have raised a banner to be unfurled against the bow — (Psalm 60:4 NIV).

“BUT” is the most important word here. This promise is not for everyone. It is only for those who fear God. :q Does it mean that you have to tremble in fear? Does it mean that you lose all your power to act? Not at all.

It means something else. Fearing God means to be afraid of nothing and no one else–not even being afraid of the bow that is aimed at you.

The bow will be aimed at you at some part of your life or other; whether you like it or not, whether you have caused it or not. You may not be able to prevent such a situation. But when it comes, God will raise a banner for you to be unfurled against the bow.

It is when the bow seems to conquer and destroy everything all around you that this banner will be unfurled for you. It is in such situations that God intervenes for those who fear Him. He will raise a banner for you. It will destroy the fury of the bow.

The banner proclaims the identity of God’s camp. The unfurled banner is the point to which all the angelic hosts rally to. Then your enemies will see that you are not alone. The sight of this banner shall itself strike terror in the heart of the one who holds the bow.

The banner will tell them that the ultimate victory belongs to God. You can stand at the foot of this unfurled banner and see God bring victory for you. During those moments when the bow seems to be aimed constantly at you, look up to see God’s banner fluttering in the wind. Take heart, for it is His banner unfurled for you against the bow!

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