Exhausted, Yet Keeping Up the Pursuit

Gideon and his three hundred men, exhausted yet keeping up the pursuit, came to the Jordan and crossed it (Judges 8:4 NIV).

Here the pursuit of enemies and oppressors are described. In the process of pursuit Gideon and his men became exhausted. But there was more.

They had to face criticism from their own countrymen. And no one was willing to believe in their ability to win. Therefore no one gave these troops bread to eat.

This situation would destroy the morale of any troop. But Gideon and his troops kept up the pursuit even though they were exhausted. And they won a great victory that day. Isn’t this the secret of victory in Christian living too?

Keeping up the pursuit even when exhausted should be the motto of every Christian who longs for victories in his life. Only such an attitude will help overcome criticism and non-cooperation from those near and dear to you.

Those are things related to one’s pursuit of victory. But what about your pursuit of God? Does not many adverse circumstances exhaust you? Don’t you feel like giving up? Those times do come.

But even when exhausted, it is important to keep going forward. There must be hope in your pursuit of God that you will be rewarded for your effort in pursuing Him. Then you shall come to know God with a deeper understanding.

Exhaustion is part of our human nature. It comes to those who pursue. And it is an outward sign of our effort. Though the temptation is to rest it is to be noted that victories are not won through resting.

But victories are won through pursuit even when exhausted. And it is vitally important not to get discouraged by criticism and non-cooperation or even the Jordan (difficulties) ahead.

Keep up the pursuit therefore even when exhausted. Then God shall grant victory to you!

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