The Lord Became Angry with Solomon, Appeared Twice

The Lord became angry with Solomon because his heart had turned away from the Lord, the God of Israel, who had appeared to him twice (1 Kings 11:9 NIV).

The Lord can become angry. He can get angry when there is disobedience. But why angry with Solomon? Was he not one who was blessed with wisdom, riches and honor?

Yes, that is true. But he did not use his wisdom in following his Lord wholeheartedly. Instead he turned away from the Lord.

Probably the more significant factor here in the modern context would be the fact that the Lord had appeared to him twice! Why is that important in today’s context? Because people are increasingly seeking after dreams and visions. They are delighted to see angels.

None of these are wrong in itself. But let us face the more important issue. These visions are not to be given more importance than obedience to the Lord.

For example, the Lord appeared two times to Solomon. He granted him what he had asked for-wisdom. Riches and honor were also granted him. Yet Solomon turned to worship of idols. What a tragedy!

So the important thing to note is that getting visions from God is good if it leads to obedience on the part of the believer. What happens after getting the vision is more important in God’s eyes than claiming a superior spiritual status because one got a vision from the Lord.

In other words, having got a vision from the Lord is no surety that one will live in obedience the rest of one’s life. If he or she does not live in obedience, then there is great danger.

Because the Lord will become angry because they did not live in obedience in spite of having got the vision. Therefore obeying God is more important than getting a vision of the Lord or from the Lord.

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