A Bruised Reed, A Smoldering Wick

A bruised reed he will not break, and a smoldering wick he will not snuff out (Isaiah 42:3a NIV).

“Will God forsake me?” This cry shakes a Christian when sin, doubt, failure or discouragement comes to his life. And God’s answer points to His servant Jesus whose character is portrayed here.

He does not try to destroy; but always tries to build up a life. His purposes do not change. It always is the same just as He is the same.

In contrast, the world rejects anything with defects. Even the best is rejected when it develops some flaw or crack in it. But the Servant of the Lord is patient. He examines it carefully. And He restores a broken man.

He does not delight in mocking somebody who makes a mistake or fails in his attempt to do something for God. The broken reed shall still be of use to Him.

No other craftsman in the world mends broken reeds like He does. Also the smoldering wick is not snuffed out. It had a burning flame once. And He shall still fan the smoke into flame and give life in that wick again.

In God’s economy, broken reeds and smoldering wicks do stand a chance. For such things come in a dress of humility. Their pride has already been broken because of their failures.

Now they are willing to yield to the touch of the Master. So far in life, they had confidence in their own abilities. They were proud of their achievements. Now those things don’t count. Only brokenness remains. The Servant of the Lord knows that the time to mold them is now.

So, when your heart hurts over your failures, when your mind doubts whether God is going to forsake you; remember the Servant of the Lord. He still will make use of you.

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