Like an Eagle That Stirs Up Its Nest

He guarded him as the apple of his eye, like an eagle that stirs up its nest and hovers over its young, that spreads its wings to catch them and carries them on its pinions (Deuteronomy 32:10z, 11 NIV).

God cares for you. He cared for Jacob and his descendants like guarding the apple of His eye. Such tender care is shown to all those who trust in Him.

But the method of His care is surprising. He stirs up the nest in which you have found comfort and rest so far. He does so like an eagle. Why does an eagle do that? It is to teach the eaglets to fly.

Is God stirring your nest today? Take heart, it is His method of caring for you. You might be disturbed that your familiar surroundings are being shaken.

You might be afraid that you will fall. But can’t you feel the wind in your wings? Can’t you feel the strength in your wings; which you never had experienced before?

Now as you fly, you may not see God. Don’t get discouraged. He is hovering over you. Like fighter planes accompanying a plane carrying a VIP, God is above you; guarding you and watching over you every moment.

But then, after the initial excitement of flying, you feel your wings tiring. You probably lose height and speed. That is when you are terrified. You can’t see your nest. All what you see is the height at which you are flying and probably the rocks below.

You shudder inside. And think that it was foolishness to get out of the nest in the first place. But then you had no choice. It was God who pushed you out.

Even as you lose strength, you suddenly feel strength again. But wait a second. You are doing nothing now; yet you are still in the air. Wow! God has come underneath you and is carrying you.

Think of it. The mighty God is showing you that He cares enough to carry you in His wings!

The lesson is that there are many nests that you find rest in. But God does not leave you there always. He wants you to fly. He knows when the time is right.

Trust Him when He is stirring your nest; and step out. In moments when you lose strength; He will carry you!

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