A Day When the Lord Listened to a Man

There has never been a day like it before or since, a day when the Lord listened to a man. Surely the Lord was fighting for Israel! (Joshua 10:14 NIV).

The miracle recorded here is unique in world history. The sun stood still and the moon stopped its movement. This happened at the prayer and bold request of Joshua. God listened to him.

The miracle was amazing in itself. Even with all scientific advancements of today, man cannot alter the movement of the sun or moon. But with the words of one man they stopped. There was no magic in his words. But there was expectation and there was faith.

More than that it Joshua was surely convinced that God was fighting for them. His prayerful words echoed this confidence. There was no doubt nor wavering.

Joshua knew that he was obeying God and was fulfilling God’s purposes in the war. And he wanted to complete what God gave him to do. Therefore with great boldness he asked God for a never-heard-before kind of miracle. And God listened to him.

This is what you can take note of. You have a God who listens to you. He can act in ways that you cannot imagine. The sun or the moon need not stop for you. But if you are in the purposes of God, surely He will listen to you. This is the key.

Joshua had the confidence in God because he was moving according to God’s purposes and commands in his life. Therefore pray and find out God’s purposes in your life situations. Then move accordingly.

And then when you pray, God will act to fulfill His purposes. God does not perform miracles just for the sake of performing them. He does it to fulfill His mighty purposes. He listens to the cry of His children when they pray according to His purposes.

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