The Lord’s Arrow of Victory Over Aram

The Lord’s arrow of victory, the arrow of victory over Aram! (2 Kings 13:17b NIV).

The first thing to note is that God has given the arrows of victory into your hands. You need to act with it now. They are meant to be used.

In this passage, Elisha the prophet asked the king of Israel to open the window and shoot the arrow. While he did so, Elisha told him that this was God’s arrow of victory over the enemy and that Israel would defeat their enemy Aram (enemy at war with Israel) at Aphek.

Similarly, use God’s provision of victory in your life. It will give you the initial victory swiftly like the arrow that flies.

But again Elisha asked the king to take the arrows and asked him to strike the ground with it. The king did so thrice and stopped. Elisha was angry and told the king that he should have struck the ground five or six times.

If he had done so he would have defeated Aram completely and destroyed it. Thus the king lost a big chance to destroy their enemy completely; he could destroy them only thrice.

These arrows teaches us that the initial victory that is given , symbolized by the arrow that was shot through the window, has to be maintained till the enemy (for e.g., sinful habit) is destroyed completely. That is what striking the ground with arrows is symbolic of.

Christians fail to strike the arrows of victory to the ground many times and therefore fail to walk in victory. They get complacent with a few victories and rest lazily.

During this time the enemy gathers together his defeated forces and strikes with some temptation of hurricane force. You then fall not because you did not have victory, but because you failed to maintain your victory. Therefore “strike the ground” many times!

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