In That Day You Will Call Me, “My Husband”

In that day, declares the Lord, you will call me `my husband’ ; you will no longer call me `my master’ (Hosea 2:16 NIV).

When God restores, He does it in a magnificent fashion. He surpasses all expectations when He brings back His people to Himself.

He forgives their wanderings and sinful backsliding. He brings them out of trouble and gives them hope. And the best part is that He initiates a new relationship with them.

Instead of a Master-servant relationship, God now prefers a Husband-wife relationship with His people who return to Him. Here, God celebrates renewed love between Him and His people.

There is intimacy. There is that sense of belonging. Instead of fear, now there is love. Yes, God celebrates His reunion with His restored people.

On the part of His people, they have an obligation now. They were forgiven, brought back and restored to a loving relationship. It is now their duty not to stray after idols of their heart.

When they learn to call God, “my husband,” they also need to remember that they need to honor their marriage covenant with God. They need to remember that they are now in a restored relationship with God.

It should not be broken by thoughtless or sinful deeds; for this relationship is an everlasting one.

It is indeed a great marvel that God is prepared to allow His sinful people an opportunity to come back to Him again! And when they come back He is giving them the privilege of a restored relationship; the comfort of security in Him,and the joy of intimacy with Him.

Blessed are those whom God has called back to such a relationship. May they ever adore Him, the ever-faithful Husband!

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