Do Not Hold Against Us the Sins of the Fathers

Do not hold against us the sins of the fathers; may your mercy come quickly to meet us, for we are in desperate need (Psalm 79:8 NIV).

We need to think much about this. Especially when we find certain kinds of illnesses or afflictions of both body and mind continue to torment families from generation to generation.

Unknown to us there might have been wrongs done by our forefathers. The curse of those sins are easily passed down the generation ladder. But as time passes the original acts of sin are forgotten.

But the effects of the curse of such sin remains. We try to find solutions elsewhere. But we usually fail to think about the possibilities of the curse of former sins running in our families.

This verse reminds us that this is a prayer that we too can earnestly pray when we find ourselves plagued by innumerable and inexplicable afflictions. It need not always be because of former sins of our forefathers.

But since there may not be possibilities of verifying the reality of sinful acts of the past, it would be good if we can pray this prayer earnestly. Let us ask pardon for sins that our forefathers might have committed and never repented of.

Therefore when we are really afflicted and in desperate need let us seek God’s mercy. In the Bible, we find Daniel seeking God’s mercy and forgiveness as he realizes that the reason for the destruction of Jerusalem and their captivity was their sins and the sins of their fathers (Daniel 9).

He sought God’s mercy.

Let us also do so. For He will show mercy! That practically means that He will take away the yoke of curse of former sins that burdened us away from us. He will also set us free from its guilt and shame.

That is the abundance of His mercy that comes quickly to meet us. He will not delay to answer such a prayer.

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