They Took Their Stand in the Middle

But they took their stand in the middle of the field. They defended it and struck the Philistines down, and the Lord brought about a great victory (1 Chronicles 11:14 NIV).

Sometimes, it so happens, that all desert you when the enemies come. So it happened with David and Eleazer, one of David’s mighty men.

When the Philistines attacked they were left alone because the troops fled from the enemies. The place was a field full of barley.

There might come a time in your life such as this. And when you find yourself in such a situation the above verse tells you what to do.

First of all, they took a stand in the middle of the field. That was a very bold stand. For the battle is always thickest in the middle. The casualties there are the greatest. In fact, victories and defeats are determined there. 

These warriors did right in taking their stand in the middle of the field. Though they were surrounded and though their troops had fled they stood their ground.

So when it counts the most, when not many will be there to give you company, take your stand right in the middle of the field where the battle is fiercest.

Secondly, they struck down the Philistines. You have to remember that there is no moment for leisure in such battles. This is a real fight.

The enemies are strong. Moreover you are already outnumbered. So it is a time to fight with all your might. The faster you can strike your enemies down the better.

Finally, though it was these warriors who fought, it was the Lord who brought about a great victory. May you never forget this truth.

When you are hard-pressed in your battle against the devil and his troops, always remember that victory rests with the Lord. So you can be encouraged to fight even when everyone else has fled. The victory is yours for it is the Lord who gives it to you!

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