Instead Of Carrying Out Your Duty, You Put Others

Instead of carrying out your duty in regard to my holy things, you put others in charge of my sanctuary (Ezekiel 44:8 NIV).

Evasion of responsibility is not good. It becomes doubly sinful when you evade a God-given responsibility. Added to that when you put others who have no relation to God in charge of those things, it becomes absolutely sinful. And God is not pleased at all with this kind of action on your part.

In the modern context the verse above challenges us in two areas. First of all it is a call to return to God-given responsibility. Every Christian does have a responsibility that God has assigned to him or her. The kingdom of God would suffer if he or she does not play that role well.

Many do not play their role well because they consider their role insignificant. Others do not value the work for which God has called them. Both these attitudes are wrong and sinful. There is no one insignificant in God’s kingdom.

Even the least is greater than John the Baptist. Also it is sad that many go about their duties forgetting the high calling of God on their work. It is time that they realize the value that God has placed on the work they do and do it faithfully with all diligence possible.

The second thing to remember about the verse above in the modern context is that God is not pleased with transfer of responsibility. Look around the world today. At one time in the history of the world, it was Christian love and service that dominated works of compassion. T

oday the Church is fast loosing its saltiness. Instead of serving others it has started to serve itself. Instead of giving it has now an attitude of getting. And others do a far greater work while the Church loses great opportunities to be channels of Christ’s love and compassion to a lost and dying world!

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