He Brought Her to the Man

Then the Lord God made a woman from the rib he had taken out of the man, and he brought her to the man (Genesis 2:22 NIV).

“He brought her to the man.” This is a simple truth to be remembered. It was God who brought the woman to man. There is a solemnity about it. There is a divine approval about it.

More than all this there is God’s loving care demonstrated here: He did not want man to be alone.

The most important thing about marriage is for a man to wait for the woman God will bring to his life. Blessed is the man who can say, “God brought her to my life.” On such a marriage God places His favor and approval and showers his blessings.

There is a certain mystery about marriage. Woman was taken out of man. Thus they became two. But in marriage they become one.

Therefore when God brings a girl into a man’s life in marriage, they should look for achieving a unity in body, mind and spirit. Each one should complement each other, help, encourage and sustain each other. For this God brings a woman to man.

And let no man despise the gift that God brings to him in the form of his wife. God has given her to him to love and cherish and protect.

When man longs for companionship, God’s answer is a woman. But God has His own terms and conditions laid out for such a companionship. But man has violated all of them in today’s world.

Man and man together (gay marriages), woman and woman together (lesbian marriages) is NOT God’s plan. And such relationships are sinful and condemned by God as unnatural and unholy. God will punish such relationships severely.

We should therefore remember that God’s plan has always been a man; ideally with a woman whom He brings to Him!


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