Then the Lord Shut Him In

Then the Lord shut him in (Genesis 7:16b NIV).

This is the secret of survival when the floods arise. To be shut in inside the ark by God. How thoughtful of God to have shut the door of the ark!

We do see husbands who are thoughtful of their wives closing the doors of the cars out of love for them once they get in. Likewise, in shutting Noah and his family in inside the ark, God demonstrated a special care for him and his family.

On a larger scale, it means something deeper and more significant. There are times when God shuts us in. We are cut off from every activity. We are away from the company of crowds that we loved. We are alone.

There seems to be a flood of destruction going around us. It is destroying every known and familiar thing to us. And the floods instead of showing signs of abating continue to rise.

Don’t we usually panic? Yes, we do! But then think about it. Who shut you in? Was it not God? Was it not because this was the only option available that God did so? Did not He have your highest good in mind when He shut you in? Yes, to be shut in by God is a very special thing.

And all the time till the waters completely disappeared from the surface of the earth, Noah and his family were safe inside the ark.

Therefore, when God invites you to enter the ark He has made for you, do not hesitate. It is inside it that you will be kept safe.

The time to serve Him in greater ways will come yet again. Now is your time to be away from the spotlights.

Inside the comfort and safety of the cocoon you can slowly get ready to emerge a gracious and beautiful butterfly. He has shut you in for this purpose. You need only wait till the ground is dry!

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