So He Did What the Lord Had Told Him

So he did what the Lord had told him (1 Kings 17:5a NIV).

God will provide. Even though it is true, there is more to be said about it. God’s provision becomes visible and reachable to those who do what the Lord tells them to do.

Let us look at Elijah. He was a mighty prophet of the Lord. He told the king of the land that there won’t be rain in the land for the next few years except at his word. And it was so.

Yet even this mighty prophet does not assume that God will provide and wait right where he was. Instead he hears from God and obeys. He was told to leave that place and hide in the Kerith Ravine. And he was told to drink from the brook.

God also promised him that He had commanded ravens to bring him bread and meat in the morning and evening. All this came to pass only when he did what the Lord had told him to do.

It is possible that God might be telling you many things today that you can’t understand much. For example, the prophet was told to hide. You might ask whether hiding is part of God’s plan. Sometimes it is!

Then the prophet was asked to drink from the brook. Did not God know that a small stream would dry up soon in the famine that would follow when it did not rain? Yes, God knew. And the moment of drying up would be God’s time to make the next move.

So it was perfectly planned by God. And how could Elijah trust that birds would bring food at the exact time without fail everyday? But God is Lord over the birds too. Even unlikely options like these are perfect instruments in God’s hands to provide for you.

But all this can happen only when you do what the Lord has told you to do!

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