Can God Spread a Table in the Desert?

They spoke against God saying, “Can God spread a table in the desert?” (Psalm 78:19 NIV).

Can God? This is a question that many ask even today. When such a question is asked man tries to think in terms of his own limitation. And not in terms of God’s limitless possibilities and infinite wisdom and marvelous creativity.

It is good to remember that our God delights to spread a table in the desert! Not only has He done so in the past, He does it today and He can and will in the future too!

But the question is what is limiting God from doing so? Is it the desert? Or is it the disbelief of His children? Definitely it is disbelief. When one becomes a Christian God gives him a new heart since he is a new creation.

And from that moment on he therefore should think in terms of possibilities which God will fulfill at a time of His choosing . But the possibilities has to be birthed in prayer and belief. Disbelief on the other hand cuts at the very root of fulfillment of needs that a believer has.

More than that disbelief is speaking against God. We entertain disbelief in our hearts simply because we have never been aware of its serious nature in God’s eyes. If we understand that disbelief is speaking against God, we might think twice before entertaining disbelief in our hearts.

Therefore from this moment on think in terms of possibilities. Think of its fulfillment in the most unlikely circumstances. This gives room for God to work and bring it to pass. No one else can do it for you.

The desert can yield to the manifestation of God’s glory, power and creativity. And the good news is that you can be part of that miracle by thinking in terms of divine possibilities!

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