Going to Open Your Graves and Bring You Up

This is what the Sovereign Lord says: O my people, I am going to open your graves and bring you up from them (Ezekiel 37:12b NIV).

This is God’s response to those who say that their hope is gone. He is not going to be challenged by the fact that your bones are dried up. For He can still breathe life into you.

And He alone can do that. Note the fact that you are still His; though you are as good for nothing. Though you are as if you are already in the grave; He is going to bring you out of it.

He will do His part. But who dug your grave? Did you? Or did others dig it for you? If they did so, why did you step into it while alive? Why did you not resist the devil when he pushed you deeper and deeper into that dry and bottomless pit?

Answer these questions. You are bound to answer them. Even as you answer them; are you not shocked to realize that God never intended that you be in the grave you now find yourselves in. So, “Get up!”

Are you hearing His voice? His voice can bring life into your dead bones. The jaws of death shall tremble when it hears His voice. It will be forced open to release its grip on you. The grave shall open. You will come out. For He is the Lord of life.

He can step into any decay and bring wholeness. His resurrection power is mighty in its working in you. It shall pull you out of everything that binds you in your grave: The grave of your past mistakes, sins, failures, regrets, disappointments, sorrows and lost hopes.

Therefore, turn your eyes away from the icy cold stare of death. Look into the face of Life. He is calling to you in your grave. The grave cannot hold you in.

Neither now nor tomorrow. It has to yield to His will. And He, is bringing you up from your grave now! Once more, feel the breathing-wind of His power in your lungs and breathe free. Shout aloud a shout of praise for He is bringing you out of your grave!

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