Do Not Fear the Reproach of Men

Hear me, you who know what is right, you people who have my law in your hearts: Do not fear the reproach of men or be terrified by their insults (Isaiah 51:7 NIV).

To move forward in God’s will requires a knowledge of His law. It was written on tablets of stone long ago. But God has desired to write it in our hearts today.

So to move forward in God’s will demands that God’s law find a permanent lodging place in our hearts. And when we have God’s law embedded in our hearts, we are given the knowledge of what is right.

This knowledge of what is right in God’s eyes will definitely lead us to act in that manner. And it is then that we face opposition. One of the surest ways we are bound to face opposition is in the form of reproach and insults. And they are not pleasant experiences at all.

On the other hand they are bitter; leaving a sour taste in our entire being. They discourage, hurt to extremes, and at times can cause us to stop attempting to do the right thing. Sometimes we talk back; and sometimes we choose to suffer silently. And God knows how it feels:

And in this passage God is encouraging His children who know what is right by virtue of having His law within their hearts. God is definitely asking us not to fear the reproach of men. He is asking us not to be terrified.

This is because of two reasons. One, those who oppose God will face a sure ruin. Two, what is born of God within your heart will remain for ever.

So let us stop being afraid. For the triumph of the law of God that is within your heart is sure; as it causes you to know what is right and helps you to act in a way consistent with what His law speaks from within your heart.

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