Drench, Level, Soften, Bless

You drench its furrows and level its ridges; you soften it with showers and bless its crops (Psalm 65:10 NIV).

God’s care for the land is shown here. More than that we can understand God’s total working on our behalf in this verse:

The furrows in the land are drenched.
It is God’s work.

The ridges are leveled.
It is also God’s work.

They are then softened with showers.
Again it is God’s work.

Finally, the crops are blessed.
God’s work alone, again.

What a comfort to know the all-round total concern for us! We sometimes see the parts of the process of God’s care for us. But this verse calls us to see the totality of His care.

No part of the process goes unattended. Every moment is overseen by God. Every grace needed for each moment provided.

It unfolds step by step. The drenching, the leveling, the softening and the blessing are a train that moves in an ordered manner. It moves to its destined end–blessing.

We often see God only in the last part. But let us try to see God moving in every moment of the process.

It also tells that God knows exactly what is to be done and when. Everything is perfectly ordered in His timetable for you. Don’t be impatient. There is work that needs to be done before you are ready for the blessing.

Of course, the blessing would come. But the delay is actually God working out the steps that would bring you the blessing. You feel the delay only because you see God only in the blessing.

Learn to see God in the drenching, the leveling and the softening too. Then you shall know the totality of God’s work in your life. He cares. His work is total. It concerns every step.

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