I Rejoice in Your Promise

I rejoice in your promise like one who finds great spoil(Psalm 119:162 NIV).

We often rejoice during occasions of celebrations; but such occasions do not last forever.

We often rejoice during moments of achievements; but we cannot rest on our victories for long.

We often rejoice when we get new and expensive things; but the newness soon wears off as days go by.

All this proves that finding a cause to rejoice continually is a wish that may not come true.

But there is a great plunder that lies before us which cannot be exhausted. They are made up of God’s promises in His Word. The psalmist here is found to be rejoicing because he has discovered this great source of rejoicing. His joy is like that of one who has found great spoil, maybe after victory in a war.

To be honest, we may be free to think that this man was crazy; for how can one rejoice so much in God’s promises? When even the things of the world that we can see, touch and enjoy do not give us so much rejoicing, how can God’s promises cause us to rejoice? These are indeed questions worth asking and their answers worth treasuring.

What will you call a man who carries a bag of gold begging for food along the way? Perhaps you should ask why he should beg at all. He begs simply because he is someone who does not know the value of what he carries. To him it is no more than some metal that is yellow in color.

Before you call him a fool, ask yourself whether you are making the same mistake. What if someone should tell him the value of what he is carrying. He will certainly rejoice like one finding great spoil. So can you rejoice, as you find God’s promises!

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