A River that No One Could Cross

He measured off another thousand, but now it was a river that I could not cross, because the water had risen and was deep enough to swim in–a river that no one could cross (Ezekiel 47:5 NIV).

Prophet Ezekiel was given a lengthy vision of the New Temple of God in Jerusalem. He was given a heavenly guide to describe to him all the aspects of the temple of God.

After having gone around the temple site and all its structures the prophet and the guide is now returning to the entrance of the temple.

There the prophet sees water coming out from under the threshold of the temple. And he also found that the water had begun to increase in measure with passing distance.

First, the water was ankle-deep, then it was knee-deep, and then the water came up to the waist and finally the water had risen and was so deep that one could swim in it. This is a lovely description pregnant with deep truths of God:

From God and the place of His dwelling the waters that bring life and healing shall proceed. This mighty grace of God towards sinful mankind has begun as a small trickle and has proceeded to grow into a river in which you may easily swim.

It shows that God’s work in your heart may seem to be small at the beginning. But the never-failing stream of God’s pardoning grace shall grow into a mighty river in your life.

In the beginning stages you may just understand only little of God’s love and mercy. But as you move forward in your life with God, you shall soon realize that with passing distance you are more and more immersed and surrounded in God’s mercy. This is the river that you can swim in.

The message here for you is the challenge to meet God at His Temple and receive His grace and then to follow it till it becomes a river of life!

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