Confess and Renounce Sin to Find Mercy

He who conceals his sins does not prosper, but whoever confesses and renounces them finds mercy (Proverbs 28:13 NIV).

This is very plain. It looks simple. But it is not easy. Those who have tried might have found it difficult and stopped trying. The problem is that when one sins, that person derives some sinful pleasure in it. But once the act is over he or she is left with a feeling of guilt.

The next thought that comes to mind is to hide the sinful act. The person does his best to see that other persons will not come to know of it.

But God’s Word here clearly states that the person who conceals or hides his sins will not prosper. First of all the sinner needs to know that he or she cannot hide anything from God. Then you may ask, “Why the need of confession?”

Well, unconfessed sin is like having all waste and garbage and dung piled up within your cupboard at home. It will stink and cause utmost discomfort to you; however neatly all the rubbish is stored within your home.

God wants you to tell Him that you have sinned. You have to tell God specifically in which way you sinned. Saying things generally won’t help much. It is when you confess to God your sins that He helps you clear your cupboard through the blood of Jesus that you may be clean and pure.

But confession alone is not enough. You have to give up whatever sin you have committed. This could be the most difficult part of it all because sin has a strong grip.

If you don’t give up sin you will be again piling up rubbish. So give up sinning and then God will show mercy to you.

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