Killing Killer Worry

Some say that worry accomplishes nothing. Well that is not entirely true.

Worry has caused many sleepless nights. It has taken away the joy of living. More important than all these it has paralyzed people from doing anything positive in life. So worry has accomplished many things. The only thing to note is that it has accomplished all these things on the debit side of the balance sheet.

Worry is like a worm that wriggles around. It never gives your mind a moment of rest or happiness. It drains away all your energy. But we are not ready to accept that we have this problem named worry. We think that closing our eyes to its existence will solve problems. It never does! All at once it is both a silent and active volcano!

The first step to overcome worry is to call it by its right name–Sin. We do not think of worry as sin. But it is a kind of sin that robs us from enjoying what God has in store for us than any of the other visible sins that we commit.

It is important to know why worry is a sin. Worry is a sin because it is an undeniable proof that we do not trust God enough.

It is a sin because worry demonstrates the fact that we do not believe in a loving Father who cares for us and provides all that we need for our present and future.

It is a sin because worry makes us think more of our worldly needs than of things of God.

Jesus taught us not to worry. He told us of a Father who cares for us and holds our tomorrow in His hands (Ref.Matt 6:25 to 34, Luke 12:22 to 34). There is nothing wrong in planning for the future (Ref. Proverbs 6:6 to 8, 30:8), but all is wrong with worrying today. Kill this sin or it’ll kill you!

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