So David Inquired of the LORD

We all love to run our own lives independently. But in David we find a man who tried his best to seek God for guidance in all situations of his life.

Of course he sinned and failed in the case of Bathsheba, Uriah, and the census he took of the Israelites to name a few of his mistakes.

But during most of his life he inquired of God. It shows his constant dependence on God and trust in God. “From birth I was cast upon you (Psalm 22:10),” said David.

Secondly it shows his eagerness to make God part of his daily living. We often tend to compartmentalize life into spiritual and secular. We get close to God on Sunday and then forget about him the rest of the week. David sets an example in involving God in all things of his life.

Thirdly, God did not discourage David when he inquired of him again (2 Samuel 5:23). Instead, God showed him a different strategy to do battle the second time. If the first strategy told him was to go ahead and fight; the second time it was to wait for God to move ahead. The sign of that was the sound of rushing on top of the mulberry trees.

Again, David not only inquired but listened to God for answers. It means he was not in a hurry to run ahead of God. Often the mistake we make is to tell God and then rush ahead with our plans.

Finally, this was a specific instance of warfare. In our spiritual lives we face many battles with our sinful nature, the flesh, lusts, pride, and worldly ambitions. Now what made David seek God when he faced war instead of relying on his armies? Yes, he understood from his very young age that the battle is the LORD’s (1 Samuel 17:47)!

Hope you will go ahead and inquire of God time after time when you face difficult situations in life.

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