Oil and Honey Hidden in a Field

But ten of them said to Ishmael , “Don’t kill us! We have wheat and barley, oil and honey, hidden in a field.” So he let them alone and did not kill them with the others (Jeremiah 41:8 NIV).

This incident happened soon after the Babylonian army had plundered Jerusalem. They left the city in charge of Gedaliah. But Ishmael who was of royal blood struck him down and killed him. Not satisfied with that he also deceptively met with a group of eighty men who came to the house of the Lord.

He killed them all except ten men who pleaded with him to let them live. They promised him wheat and barley, oil and honey, that were hidden in a field. Thus their lives were spared.

What these people had hidden ransomed them from the cruel jaws of death. Definitely they might have hidden all these good items for later use. The only surprise here is how unexpectedly it came to their use.

While they were hiding these items, they might never have dreamed of such a situation in which their lives would be saved through it. Even as they pleaded with the bloodthirsty Ishmael, they might have done so in hope against all hope. And it would be difficult to imagine their sigh of relief as they managed to barely escape with their lives.

Imagine for a moment that your heart is a field. Think for yet another moment of all the things you have hidden there. Are they good as wheat and barley, oil and honey? Or are they worthless things? Who knows when you may be in a situation that calls forth urgent action from your part.

Are you confident of then being able to make use of what you have already hidden in your heart? If not, learn that God’s truths hidden in your heart can save you!

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