While David Was Restricted by Saul

The promise of God will never fail. But the difficulty comes when there is delay in its fulfilment.

David was anointed by Prophet Samuel at a very young age. David and all who knew him understood what that meant. After Saul, David was to be king.

Yet hardships and trouble followed him wherever he went. Much of it was initiated by Saul. At one point in time David said, “There is just one step between me and death (1 Samuel 20:3).”

Have you been in situations like this? After having been promised goodness by the Lord; are you experiencing trouble? Probably yes; isn’t it?

Now the Bible records that “while David was restricted by Saul” (some translations say “banished by Saul”) (1 Chronicles 12:1), men came to join David with an intent to make him king.

See, it was in the midst of difficulties that this happened. The presence of trouble is not an indicator that God has left you. No. Troubles don’t prevent God from acting on your behalf.

Again, the people who joined him were valiant men. See, God has his best resources prepared for those who look to him for help and strength. David did not recruit them; they just came and joined him. Isn’t that a bit surprising as David was still restricted by Saul?

But above all; they were relatives of Saul who was trying desperately to hunt him down and kill him for no reason but jealousy. Who made them join David when he was still restricted because of Saul? Isn’t that the hand of God? What else can make such a thing happen?

So today your trouble is God’s opportunity to send you help from the least expected place. Often we look to people known to us and close to us for help. Or we look so much at our troubles; and despair. 

But this passage of Scripture reminds you that the way God brings his promise to reality sometimes comes through the most unlikely channels. So be encouraged. Your help too will come. God’s promise in your life will come to pass!

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