The Lord Upholds All Those Who Fall

The Lord upholds all those who fall and lifts up all who are bowed down (Psalm 145:14 NIV).

One of the difficult things in life is to see life move on as usual for others when our spirits are crushed within us. We hope that someone would stop by to ask how we are doing. But they just smile and move on.

They assume that everything is fine with us. And the hardest part of all comes when we are obliged to smile in response when our heart is crying!

But there is Someone who need not be told of your misery; for He already knows it all. Even when it seems that there is no end to your grief and you feel weak altogether, He is holding you up.

He knows that you cannot help yourselves up from where you have fallen. So He Himself imparts strength to you.

The point of defeat or grief is not the end of your journey. There are more things that God wants to do in your life than you dream of. Perhaps these events have caused you to know the futility of trusting in human sources of help.

It has driven you to take refuge in the everlasting arms of God. You are now able to find comfort in the hand that truly upholds you.

Let this be your comforting thought at your moment of shame and despair and confusion; that you have a God who lifts up those who are bowed down. Let the bowing down became a humble posture of worship. Let the very falling become the beginning of a new attitude of praise.

The Lord is inviting you to make this change. Trust in His unchanging love for you: As it was before so it is now. He is upholding you and lifting you up now!

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