I Am with You

Reference: Haggai 1:13, 14

If you are discouraged today, “I am with you” is God’s word of encouragement for you. The task ahead might be huge, the enemies around you might try to intimidate you, and perhaps you find that your own strength is giving out. There is only one reply God has for you, “I am with you.”

Therefore start working says your God. Here, God is speaking through his prophets to his people to start rebuilding the temple.

The people had got their priorities wrong. They were taking care of their own houses while the temple of God lay in ruins. God was asking them to set their priorities right.

God was asking them to put him and worship first. Blessing were promised if they got their priorities right. So put God first and you will find the reality of “I am with you” strong.

As we look at the last instructions of Jesus before he ascended to heaven, we find it a command to go to the ends of the earth proclaiming the gospel and making disciples. Like the Israelites neglecting God’s house, many of us have neglected this command to go. But to those who go the promise of Jesus is “I am with you always even to the end.”

So the promise “I am with you” is a great inspiration to start working enthusiastically on whatever God has given you to do. This is not the time to brood over failures. Now is the time to act. Step out with courage. Start rebuilding.

When God is with you, what is yet to come will be more glorious than what was before. For God is able to lift you up from the pits of failure to the heights of glory. His presence with you is what is going to make the difference. The Spirit of God is stirring your heart right now; can’t you sense it? Because he is with you, do not fear.

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