The Trumpets for Signalling

Reference: Numbers 31:6z

What is the importance of the signal?

The man who signals has to be in perfect tune and obedience to his commander. Though a huge army is prepared for war, the war will begin only when the trumpet is sounded. And when the command is given by the leader, the man who signals should be ready and prepared to blow the trumpet.

Therefore he should be in readiness at all times. He should know his commander well. Are you in such a readiness to obey your God who is your Commander?

“Again,” Paul writes, “if the trumpet does not sound a clear call, who will get ready for battle” (1 Cor. 14:8)? Paul is here talking about order and discipline in public worship. At the same time, personally, you need to understand that you should know that God demands that you be purposeful in your actions.

Is your purpose going to bring Glory to God and edification and strengthening to God’s people? If not, your trumpet is not giving a clear call.

As we look at the original instructions, regarding the making of the silver trumpets, they were to be sounded in different ways according to the purpose. One signal was for assembling the people, another was for making the different tribes to move, yet another signal was for going to war.

If you want to be an effective person in the Lord’s service, learn in which direction God’s Spirit is moving and leading and then blow your trumpet. This will make a people ready for the Lord.

Today, we await the sounding of that great trumpet when the Lord shall return (1 Thessalonians 4:16). Sound a clear call to God’s people that Jesus is coming back to judge this world and reign forever and ever.

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Context of the Reference:
One of the last tasks God gave Moses was to make war against the Midianites and destroy them. These were the people who tried to curse God’s people. When that did not succeed they used their women to seduce the Israelites and made them worship idols. Therefore God wanted this people destroyed.

When the people go to war, Moses sends with them Phinehas. Now Phinehas was the one who turned the anger of the Lord away from the Israelites when they had sinned by joining the people of Midian in wrong relationships and idol worship (see Num. 25:11).

He was a priest. And only priests were allowed to use the silver trumpets that were made for signalling Numbers 10:1–10. And he took the silver trumpets along with him when they went for war.

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