In Spite Of This

In spite of this, you did not trust in the Lord your God, who went ahead of you on your journey, in fire by night and in a cloud by day, to search out places for you to camp and to show you the way you should go (Deuteronomy 1:32,33 NIV).

The Israelites are now in the border of Canaan. This was their fortieth year of wandering in the wilderness. And now Moses is recalling how they had lost their chance to enter the promised land 40 years ago because they were not ready to trust the Lord even after having seen what He had done to the Egyptians who oppressed them.

Here we find that our life too is a journey. We too have a chance to enter and conquer for ourselves vast spiritual blessings. For this we need to trust God. Lack of trust will mean defeat.

Sometimes it may lead to wandering in the wilderness for a long time. That will either delay or altogether prevent us from receiving God’s blessings. And it becomes indeed a sad experience when this happens after having seen some great deliverance that God brought about in our lives.

We are told here that God goes ahead of us in our journey. Whenever we may have to move forward, think of this fact. And then it will give us courage and strength to move on for God has already passed through ahead. Whether it is day or night we have His presence moving ahead of us. We need only to follow.

In such a journey God shows us where to camp and rest; for He knows that we need to be refreshed. He also makes known to us when we should move and tells us the way we should go. Trust! Wait! Move! He leads. We follow.

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