The Ninevites Believed God

Reference: Jonah 3:5

The message from God came through Prophet Jonah to the Ninevites. They believed God and repented at his preaching. God accepted their change of heart. He relented from the calamity he had planned to send on them.

Jonah was given a message of Judgement to proclaim. But he did not want to become the messenger. There were several reasons for this. One definitely was that he did not want these Gentiles (people other than Jews) to be shown mercy by God. So he ran away from the task God had given him.

Now he was given a second chance by God to proclaim the message of Judgement. Today, God is giving you too a second chance to proclaim his message. The world is heading towards a judgement by fire. And we are reluctant to proclaim it. Instead we run away from being the Lord’s messengers.

Remember that now is the time of salvation. God is showing mercy to all who will call on him for the promise is, “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.”

So this is the time to proclaim the message of repentance. For God is concerned even about the wicked. The Ninevites were a wicked and feared people. Yet the message of judgement made them turn to God. But it depends on you and your faithful proclamation of the message that God gives you.

Today, we are soft-pedalling the message of God. We give comforting messages to the unsaved. It is true that God loves them. But it is equally true that there is no hope for them unless they believe God like the Ninevites did. Not only did they believe; but they repented of their evil and turned to God.

This is a time to proclaim God’s Word faithfully. Preachers who have a ring of truth and authority about them when they proclaim God’s Word are becoming very rare. Only the message of God’s truth delivered with an urgency it demands will bring about a total change in the listeners.

Remember, God is giving you a second chance!

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