He Stepped Down

Then Aaron lifted his hands toward the people and blessed them. And having sacrificed the sin offering, the burnt offering and the fellowship offering, he stepped down (Leviticus 9:22 NIV).

Aaron and his sons were ordained as priests to serve before the Lord. They were anointed with oil and also sprinkled by the blood of the sacrifices. Thus they were consecrated and ordained for ministry. Then they were commanded not to leave the entrance to the Tent of Meeting for seven days. This was because the ordination lasted seven days.

On the eighth day, Moses commanded Aaron to offer sacrifices for himself and for the entire Israelite community. This was very significant because it really was the beginning of their priestly ministry. Moses also told them that the Lord will appear to them that day. So these sacrifices and regulations were a prelude and a preparation for the appearance of the Lord.

Aaron did everything as he was commanded. And after having blessed the people and having sacrificed all the offerings he stepped down.

“He stepped down.” These few words are so significant. It teaches us all an important lesson. We may be called by God to do some significant work for the glory of His name. It is important to do it well. But it is also equally important to step down once you have finished your work.

It does not mean resigning from your work. But it means to step back and allow God to manifest His glory. Here we see that the glory of the Lord appeared and fire from His presence consumed the offerings. We need grace and humility to step down after having done everything well. Then the Lord will appear!

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