Satan is a Liar  

One of the major reasons why Christians fail to maintain a sinless walk is because they believe a lot of lies! Surprised to read this statement. Well, it is true.

One thing that we should be sure about is the source of all temptation. It comes from Satan. It can come from no other source. James chapter 2 verses 13 to 16 throws great light on this matter.

Here we are told that God does not tempt anyone. But it is one’s own evil desire that conceives and gives birth to sin. It also says that the Father of the heavenly lights gives only good and perfect gifts in keeping with His nature that is full of light.

So there need not be any confusion in your mind about the source of temptation. It can never come from God. So there is only one other power that can bring you temptation. It is Satan himself.

Since he has no light in himself and is full of darkness he masquerades as an angel of light. This is to deceive us. And we fall into sin because we believe the glitter and glamour with which he clothes temptations.

But Jesus in John chapter 8 verses 44 onwards exposes Satan as a murderer from the beginning who has no truth in him at all. Satan is described as a liar and as one who is speaking his native language when he lies. He is further called the father of lies. He gives us so many good reasons to sin.

Yet if you call them by its proper name as soon as the temptations come, you will win all the time. Call them “Lies!” Tell Satan that all his suggestions to sin however good they may appear to be are all lies. Shout and say, “It’s a lie!” You will see Satan fleeing.

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