It is Possible!

In Matthew chapter 9 verse 28 we find a question asked by Jesus to two blind men who came asking Him to have mercy on them. Jesus asked them whether they believed that He was able to give them sight. They replied “Yes!”

We often approach Jesus with our sins which make us fall time and again. We pray earnestly to Him to give us victory over the sins that seem to attack us again and again. In spite of our honest and repeated efforts victory eludes us. We wonder what went wrong! Our intentions were right; our prayers were right. Then how could we fail again?

This problem of repeated defeats happen to even the most sincere saint of God sometime or the other in his life. But soon from the Word of God he would learn that there is a root that causes continual defeat. This root is the word “impossible.” This is the word that Satan whispers in your ear time and again. He burns it into your mind.

He makes even your best Christian friends tell you that it is impossible to get victory over your sins. The danger is that even when you earnestly pray you hold on to the belief that victory is impossible. So defeat follows.

But Jesus is asking you today the same question he asked those blind men. We might be blind today to the fact that victory is possible through Jesus. What reply are you going to give Him.

My friend you might be in real discouragement because you have been defeated so often that you lost count of them. Will you today say to Jesus, “Yes, Lord, I believe victory is possible.”

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