Emerging Strong from Discouragement

Who has not known discouragement! None without exception has passed through this dark valley.

Some, unfortunately fail to come out of this difficult experience and are still pulled down deeper into depression. So it is important for us to learn to come out of discouragement quickly into the brightly lit path of duty.

One of the most striking examples of discouragement in the Bible occurs in the life of Prophet Elijah. After a remarkable manifestation of his faith on Mount Carmel, we soon find him totally discouraged and willing to die (Ref. 1 Kings 18,19).

He became discouraged because things did not turn out as he had expected. He expected a mighty revival among the people. But not only did that not happen but the queen had also threatened to take his life. So he quite naturally felt that he was not of any use anymore.

Peter the disciple of Jesus also became discouraged after he had denied his Lord. Even after the news of the resurrection had reached him, even after he had seen the empty tomb, he remained in discouragement.

He also did one more thing. He, one fine evening, said that he was going fishing (Ref. John 21)! The reason for his discouragement was that he thought that he had failed God totally.

God send an angel to encourage Elijah and later God himself confronted him. He was encouraged to move on in the path of duty. Peter was reinstated by the risen Lord after being made to confess his love for Jesus thrice; for thrice he had denied the Lord.

Out of discouragement both Elijah and Peter were made strong. God, in His love for you, is dealing with you today to make you strong!

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