Solomon Has Taken His Seat on the Royal Throne

Moreover, Solomon has taken his seat on the royal throne (1 Kings 1:46 NIV).

First of all we see God’s grace in action here. For Solomon’s parents, David and Bathsheba first met in an adulterous relationship. It was followed by murder. And then a series of tragic events in David’s family and kingdom as a result of these sins.

But in the midst of such gross moral failure, God was working out a plan of His grace. He gave David a son to rule to his kingdom.

Secondly, we see the truth that God alone can exalt a man (Psalm 75:6–7) demonstrated here. Adonijah, another son of David, was trying to get the kingdom for himself. He was handsome and born next after Absalom, who had earlier lost his life when he tried to be king of the land.

Now in a secret way Adonijah had made plans with some among the priests and the military to make himself king. But they forgot the fact that exaltation comes from God and not through some cunning means. God toppled their plans.

Thirdly, we find here that God’s purposes will stand. Solomon was God’s choice (1 Chronicles 28:5–6) to build God’s temple. The task was great. The temple to be built had to be magnificent. And Solomon was the one who was to do the work. He will for ever be known as the one who built God’s temple.

This purpose of God would stand in spite of the plans of others. Take courage from this in your life. No matter what plans are being formed against you, God will fulfill His purpose through your life.

Finally, we find the speed and finality with which God worked here at the right time. The plans made by his brother actually sped the process of Solomon becoming king! Cheer up, we have a God who says: “In its time I will do it swiftly” (Isaiah 60:22z NIV).

So, never be afraid when others are busily planning to topple you and take away from you what rightly belongs to you. The Bible says: “There is no wisdom, no insight, no plan that can succeed against the Lord” (Proverbs 21:30 NIV).

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