There Will Be a Day when Watchmen Cry Out

There will be a day when watchmen cry out on the hills of Ephraim, “Come, let us go up to Zion, to the Lord our God” (Jeremiah 31:6 NIV).

What is fascinating in this verse is the changed role of watchmen! By duty, their role is to stand guard and report of any sign of danger.

But here a day is spoken about when they will be encouraging people to go to Jerusalem to meet God. Of course, this day will come to pass when Jesus reigns in Zion.

But does this verse have any personal significance for you? Yes, it does!

This talks about God restoring you to Himself. In spite of the punishment and the wounds He inflicted on you, He is going to gather you back to Himself.

You might have experienced His scattering in your life. But now He is going to gather everything together and give you rest.

He also is going to build you up again. There will be joy. And there will be fruitful labor in your work. That is the time when the watchmen in your heart will have a different role.

See, this is the time that the peace of God will rule your heart. Your days of being tossed and scattered here and there by spiritual forces will end because the Prince of Peace, Jesus rules your heart with mighty power.

No force of evil can attack when He is on the throne. Then the watchmen will urge you to get near to God.

Weep and pray (v.9), for you are celebrating God gathering you to Himself. Remember, there was a time when sin ruled your heart, in the “hills of Ephraim” (see Hosea 8:11).

That was a time when your heart was divided. Your love was not for God but for others who refused to acknowledge God. But now return to your God.

Can’t you hear the voice of the watchmen? “Come.” It is an invitation. It is a loving urging. The watchmen of your heart are encouraging you to go and meet your God. Weep and pray as you return to your God! “Make your praises heard (v.7)!”

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