Why Do You Say Nothing About Bringing the King Back?

So why do you say nothing about bringing the king back? (2 Samuel 19:10b NIV).

Where is your king? Have you sent him away and anointed someone else to be your king?

Look at history. King David had to flee because the people of Israel had made his son Absalom king. But Absalom died in battle. And the people were left without a king.

Is this your situation today? Where is God, your King? Has He been thrown out of the throne of your heart and someone or something crowned king instead?

Remember, the romance with the new ruler of your heart won’t last long. Soon the new ruler will disappoint. The Israelites found themselves in such a situation.

They had pinned their hopes on Absalom, a handsome guy. They had fallen for his appearance and were won over by his winsome behavior. Yet the people found their throne empty.

So, how long do you think your new ruler will last? Would he be able to meet your expectations? Even though things might look promising on the outside, do not be deceived. Instead, put the rightful King back on the throne.

Now the people started talking among themselves. They looked to their past. They reminded themselves of David and what he had done for them. They remembered that it was he who fought for them and rescued them from the hands of their enemies.

So you too, now think of your past. Who rescued you from the sinful mess? Who showed you grace and mercy? Was it not God, your King? Yes, think about the past when you had crowned Him King.

Finally, do not let this opportunity slip by. This is your chance to send word to the King. Tell Him that you need Him. Ask Him to come back and occupy the throne of your heart. Say, “Welcome, my Lord and my King!”

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